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Air Conditioning Rebuild for Chandler Home

ac tech charging freon & testing

At Ground Zero, we take residential Air Conditioning installation seriously! In this project overview, we would like to give you a view into the project itself, some of the challenges faced, what is considered when replacing your Air Conditioning system and how our service & products are always a winner at Ground Zero.

This project is based on a residential installation for a 16i trane XL system. At Ground Zero, our expert A/C technicians will first identify the issue, then if a complete ac install is necessary. We will identify the current system & recommend something much more energy efficient, at a fair price. Typically, if you are replacing your home’s air conditioning system. The current one may be 15 to 20 years old. This means technology for the ac systems has improved. Replacing your existing one may not be as fun as a weekend at the beach! At least, your new model will be much more energy efficient.

FAQ’s For Installation of New A/C System Technology

First, let’s start with some common questions the customer had before we started the complete install. Keep in mind, we diagnosed the home’s AC system & mapped the best products to help the Chandler resident save money on his utility bill + cool the house with ease for a long-lasting & efficient air conditioning system!

  • What is the best air conditioner for my home? (The Cadillac of A/C’s).

    • The Trane XV20i.” But the 16i is great for your home's size. It will cool your house and at the hottest times in Chandler, Arizona. You will be getting a unit that will not have to work very hard to keep up. We will save some money by choosing this model, while giving you the best air conditioning for your home.
  • What is a good seer rating for my home?

    • The acronym “SEER” means “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio”. Meaning the ratio at which an air conditioning unit outputs over a typical cooling season. This is divided by the Watt Hours of energy the unit consumes. The SEER rating is calculated over time at temperatures from 60 to 100+ degrees. Anything over 13 is considered good. For more information on seer ratings visit Trane’s education page →
  • What is the warranty on the Air Conditioner?

At Ground Zero AC, we will install your air conditioner. Then after some time of normal usage, we send our best technicians out to inspect the work, tune up the system & make sure nothing needs to be addressed with the installation. Our A/C technicians are fully trained, certified and provide the knowledge needed to diagnose and repair any air conditioner.

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