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Water Heaters
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Gilbert, AZ Water Heater Services

Water Heater Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance in Gilbert

At Ground Zero Plumbing & AC Gilbert, we understand the importance of a fully functional water heater for your daily comfort. 

Whether you're facing a sudden breakdown, seeking regular maintenance, or considering an upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch service tailored to meet your specific needs. 

With years of experience serving the Gilbert community, we take pride in our commitment to prompt, efficient, and affordable water heater solutions.

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Should You Get a Tank or Tankless Water Heater?

Tank and tankless water heaters both serve the essential function of providing hot water for various household needs, but they operate differently and offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here's a comparison to help you understand the differences between the two:

Tank Water Heaters

Conventional water heaters are, by far, the most common type of water heaters in AZ. They heat water using natural gas, propane, or electricity, and then store the hot water in a tank for later use. Tanked water heaters come in a variety of makes, models, sizes, and efficiency ratings, so they’re perfect for any home or business. 

Typically, we recommend tanked heaters for those that use more than 40 gallons of hot water every day. 

  • Operation: These heaters store and constantly heat a specific amount of water in an insulated tank. When hot water is used, cold water enters the bottom of the tank, gets heated, and rises to the top, ensuring a continuous supply.
  • Capacity: Typically, tank water heaters come in various sizes, ranging from 20 to 80 gallons, allowing households to choose based on their hot water needs.
  • Installation: Generally less complicated to install, especially if replacing an existing tank water heater.
  • Cost: Generally cheaper upfront compared to tankless units, but operating costs may be higher due to standby heat loss—energy used to keep the stored water hot.
  • Space: Require more space as they are bulkier and need adequate room for the tank and insulation.
  • Lifespan: Average lifespan is about 10-15 years, depending on maintenance and water quality.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance includes draining to remove sediment buildup.

Tankless Water Heaters

  • Operation: These heaters heat water on-demand, passing it through a heat exchanger when a hot water tap is turned on. They don’t store hot water, which can lead to energy savings as there's no standby heat loss.
  • Capacity: Provide a continuous supply of hot water but may have limitations in terms of simultaneous hot water usage in large households.
  • Installation: Typically more complex and may require modifications to existing plumbing and electrical systems. However, they can be more space-efficient.
  • Cost: Higher initial cost due to the advanced technology, but potential savings on energy bills over time may offset the initial investment.
  • Space: Compact and can be wall-mounted, saving valuable floor space.
  • Lifespan: With proper maintenance, tankless units can last 20 years or more.
  • Maintenance: While they require less frequent maintenance than tank heaters, it's essential to periodically descale and check for mineral buildup.

Choosing between a tank and tankless water heater depends on various factors, including your household's hot water demand, budget, available space, and preferences. While tankless heaters offer energy efficiency and longevity, tank heaters may be more suitable for households with higher hot water demands and where initial cost is a significant consideration. Consulting with a professional can help you make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs.

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What are the Signs You Need Water Heater Services?

Living without hot water isn’t preferred for the majority of people, and hot water heaters are complicated without the correct plumbing know-how. So what are the signs of a bad water heater? What are the common problems water heaters face? Our expert plumbers put together an abbreviated list for our customers in the Arizona area and beyond, so you can understand a little more about the forgotten appliance tucked away in your home.

  • No hot water when you turn on the tap. The most obvious issue with your water heater is when it stops heating water. This is a clear sign that will be noticed quickly in your home. The lack of hot water can be caused by many things, and it doesn’t mean the water heater needs to be replaced in every scenario. It’s best to have a plumber investigate the issue.
  • Cloudy or rusty hot water. Discolored water is most commonly rust from corrosion in galvanized pipes or water tanks, but coloring in water can also come from bacteria and mineral deposits in your water. This might not be an issue with your water heater, but the plumbing before or after your water heater.
  • Strange-tasting or smelling hot water. The most common causes of strange smelling water is hydrogen sulfide, which is caused by bacteria growing in your water heater. Strange tastes can differ depending on the issue. A metallic taste means the water heater’s metals are breaking down internally and transferring to your water. This is a serious health risk and water heater replacement should be prioritized immediately. If hot water has a salty taste, it could be due to an abundance of sodium or salt intrusion from your water supply.
  • You find a leak in the tank or lines leading to the heater. Leaks around a water heater are common wear and tear issues. When hot water travels through pipes, it heats the pipe and when the hot water isn’t used anymore, the pipe cools. This causes constant expanding and contracting for the pipes, and over time, it can cause small leaks. You should be visually inspecting your water heater area for drips, pools of water, or small wet areas. If your water heater is in a closet, you might even notice that the closet air feels moist. These are clear indicators that something is wrong with your water heater.
  • There are strange and loud noises coming from your water heater. Rumbling, crackling, or popping are common noises from a water heater that has major sediment buildup. As sediment settles on the bottom of the water heater, heated water will begin to rise through and cause popping noises, eventually breaking up the sediment layer. The rumbling or bumping sound can be caused by free pieces of sediment knocking around in the water heater. It’s recommended to drain your water heater once per year to prevent this buildup. If your water heater is over ten years old, and it’s making these noises, it’s best to consider replacing it soon, as draining it can cause more issues.

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